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  2. @Papillon is on a holiday, so you might need to wait until he's back.
  3. Best: Carnage at Checkpoint killing an enemy squad and RP several times in the first round. Worst: I got killed ending the carnage :( Funniest: Plane crash that @caeno is talking about. Most hated player: @aquintus for ending my carnage strike. Most loved/liked player: @L.L.HERRAIZ for trying to do what it needs to be done. @Blander For good coordination with me.
  4. Best: - Some nasty moves with the 288 Worst: - Getting teamkilled twice while putting a rp for a sneak attack on two different flags ! Shit happens ! Funniest: - When you think things are getting worst, don't look around. You may find a Churchill coming to you. // Making a quick spot, arty @kirbyris-cafe manage to blow up a full squad and a RP ! Most hated player: - No one Most loved/liked player: - @Druidix makes my moustache go wild Best Battle Photo - A picture you can hear https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - GG allies
  5. Best: - The attack and defense of Checkpoint with my noisy spaniards - Killing @Achtungsnow with AT mine while he was making a nice Paella with my spaniards with he's sexi tank at Checkpoint hills. Worst: - Spaniards doing their worst like noobie noobies. - My last battle this Campaing....holiydays at last! I gonna miss you all Funniest: - Trying to kill @Mr.ThunderMan before he kills me and make a "Perfect" by killing the entire spaniards squad. Most hated player: - @Mr.ThunderMan because of his "Perfects", @Achtungsnow for making Paellas. @Pepinio without any reason. - @RayderPSG for let me lead the spaniards. Most loved/liked player: - @Smashmachine and @Blander for saving our asses with their tanks. Best Battle Photo: - Im not Robert Capa.
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  7. will there be data for the 9th and 10th Battle ?
  8. Last week
  9. @AdmiralBG:" ,Do the french smoke weed or ouid?"
  10. Best: - Having the time to play, victory streak not lost due to team swap Worst: - Being pretty tired, so time to time got slightly frustrated about useless things Funniest: - Baska's yelling sometimes
  11. That's how we been in the majority of the maps, and ill add the bomber sound as a cherry ontop. Gotta blame the infantry for giving me those spots
  12. Best: - Attacking succesfully Checkpoint with @L.L.HERRAIZ and the rest of spaniards and defending it. - Holding Village all the round with the spaniards. - Helping spotting and giving info to our tanks. Worst: - Too much complaints about everything and a lot of noise from the spaniard squad. - Having to leave at the second round. Funniest: - Killing the guy that was spotting blander's tiger and then spotting their tanks in the same place and giving info to blander. Most hated player: - @Mr.ThunderMan defending checkpoint and almost killing every spaniard. Same when he was attacking and we were defending. Most loved/liked player: - @Blander and his tiger <3. Best Battle Photo: - I always forget to do one at least.
  13. Best: - Really fun battle, I liked the dynamics of the map and the vegetation was nice for a change after many desert maps. - Nice teamwork in the spaniards regiment. - Tough battle, both sides played well. Worst: - Connection problems and even a disconnection on the first round but the rest of the rounds were great. - @Nightwing constantly complaining on TS about his lag. Funniest: - A couple times when I was in the Tiger and an attack went wrong and all my infantry mates died I felt I was being shot by at least 3 different cannons/tanks, artillery plus a bunch of infantry trying to lay mines and explosives around me. I felt I was trying to escape from zombies and the terrain, trees and tank traps really didn't allow me to scape so I just fought back to death. Most hated player: - Allied artillery guy Most loved/liked player: - Spaniards regiment! Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  14. Pepinio

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to all members
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R5X_M_7zZk You must listen this. It's disco, but sounds nice.
  16. Happy Birthday @Gameplayer500, @kutuzovrusss and @luacha2000!
  17. С днём Рождения, @kutuzovrusss
  18. @Quicksilver @RayderPSG Thanks guys
  19. Best: -Numbers started good, but sadly got lower during the battle... Still the start was good! -Only one planecrash caused by lag. Those "trees" have something against me...also hills and... pretty much every kind of terrain. Worst: -Only one planecrash caused by lag. Funniest: - @gerul shooting me down with a 6pounder AT gun!!! You should have seen my face after that kill. Was about to shoot the P40 down aswell, but alas... I was 6poundered down... - BetterSohnGottes (can't find forum nick @DerSohnGottes (edited by Hawk) ) also shot me out of the cockpit with the Vickers Mg. From full speed... Nice one! -Only one planecrash caused by lag. And trust me... there were too many crashes... Maybe it's because I didn't have any beers with me this week. Gotta remember that next time! - @Wasteland_Hero flying the stuka, with me in the gunner seat and @Smashmachine flying the spotter plane ended crashing into each other kill all us of course I was laughing quite hard after that one -I was in HQ channel this battle and had a great time there! I have to admit @RayderPSG that I laughed off-microphone a few times after some heated comments from you Most hated player: -While some of my countrymen do bring out some improvised swearwords from me, I do not hate them Props to @Achtungsnow and @Mr.ThunderMan
  20. eXHaLe

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday all the youngsters @Gameplayer500 @kutuzovrusss @luacha2000
  21. Share your opinions about the battle. Replies are ok but no flaming, keep it clean! Copy and paste below: Best: - Worst: - Funniest: - Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  22. happy birthday @TheGringoLoco and @Born-1942 !!
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