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Jaeger Brigade

Regiment  ( Archived Campaigns / Forgotten Hope 2 - Into Darkness / Panssaridivisioona )

Attention, Alokas!

1. If you want to join this regiment, you need to click on the green "Join Regiment" button in the top right of the regiment-header.
2. Welcome! As fresh member of the jaeger brigade, i would recommend to you to take a visit to the the divisional forum that is now visible to you and announce your arrival in the Sign-up thread of our regiment over here.
3. The most important appointements will always be shown in the calendar on the right side of the main page. The time will always automatically shown in your timezone and doesnt need to be converted. The time shown is exactly the time you will need to attend.

Link for jaeger brigade forum

Most important information on one spot:
Training: every Thursday, starting at 18 UTC
Battle: every Friday, starting at 18 UTC
Prefix in FH2: PD|JaB
Tags in TS: PD[JaB]Rank|Nick
Teamspeak-Address: ts.cmp-gaming.com
Community Updater or manual download: here


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