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3 Kompanie

Regiment  ( Forgotten Hope 2 - The Last Offensive / 21st Panzer Division )

  • If you want to join this regiment, you need to click on the green "Join Regiment" button in the top right of the regiment-header.
  • Welcome! As fresh member of Kompanie 3. I would recommend to you to take a visit to the the divisional forum that is now visible to you (back to home) and announce your arrival in the Sign-up thread of our regiment over here.
  • The most important appointments will always be shown in the calendar on the right side of the main page. The time will always automatically shown in your timezone and doesnt need to be converted. The time shown is exactly the time you will need to attend.
  • Click here to go to the barracks of the 3 Kompanie
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    Every Thursdays starting at 18hUTC
    Battles: Every Fridays starting at 18hUTC
    Prefix in FH2: 
    Tags in TS:  3K[21D]Rank|Nick
    Teamspeak: ts.cmp-gaming.com

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