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Regiment  ( Forgotten Hope 2 - The Last Offensive / 101st Airborne )

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    Thursdays starting at 18:00 UTC (Summertime) / 19:00 UTC (Standard Time) until 23:00 UTC (Summertime) / 24:00 UTC (Standard Time)
    Fridays starting at 18:00 UTC (Summertime) / 19:00 UTC (Standard Time) until 23:00 UTC (Summertime) / 24:00 UTC (Standard Time)
    Prefix in FH2: EA|101 Nickname

    Tags in TS:  EA[101]Rank|Nickname
    Teamspeak: ts.cmp-gaming.com


  • Regiment History: The regiment was initially formed during World War II at Camp Toccoa, Georgia, in 1942 where it earned its nickname, "Currahees", after the camp's Currahee Mountain. Paratroopers in training ran from Camp Toccoa up Currahee Mountain and back with the shout "three miles up, three miles down!". The Cherokee word, which translates to "Stand Alone", also became the unit's motto. Members of the unit wear the spade symbol on the helmet outer and the Screaming Eagle patch (indicating membership in the 101st Airborne Division) on the left sleeve.

    From D-Day until November, 1944, the men of the 506th became familiar with such names as St Oedenrode, Uden, Veghel, Koevering, Nijmegen, Opheusden and Randwijk, as they fought from town to town and repelled every counter-attack the enemy launched. The end of November found the unit at a former French artillery garrison just outside the village of Mourmelon. Here they rested, reorganized and received replacements.

    On 16 December, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander on the Western Front, ordered them to move into the Belgian town of Bastogne by 18 December, so that the Germans would not gain access to its important crossroads. The short-notice move left the unit short of food, ammunition, arms, men, and winter clothing. The unit, along with the rest of the 101st Airborne, was encircled immediately.
     The 506th was sent to the eastern section of the siege. During the siege, there were reports of problems with tying in the gap in between the 501st PIR and the 506th. To stall the Germans so that the defense could be set up, the 1st Battalion of the 506th (along with Team Desobry from the 10th Armored Division) was sent out to fight the Germans in the towns of Noville and Foy.

    One-third (about 200 men) of the battalion were killed or wounded, but the unit took out 30 enemy tanks and inflicted 500 to 1,000 casualties. The battalion was put into reserve and the 2nd and 3rd Battalions were put on the lines. A supply drop on 22 December helped to some extent. After the U.S. Third Army, under General George Patton, broke the encirclement, the 506th stayed on the line and spearheaded the offensive by liberating Foy and Noville in January.

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