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    I'm a bit late.
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  6. Not totally. I think i managed a dip before i was so rudely interupted
  7. What a coincidence. In the last round my HQ asked me: "Haloal, where are you?", and given my terribly depressed mood, I answered: "We are everywhere" And there is some truth to that. For example, I as a squad leader was flying, and I have instructed my inf squad(s).
  8. Did you really think I would let you bag my beloved @Pr0z4c ? Best: Last round sneak attack on Airfield. It was tense and beautiful. We captured it with my regiment and couple of times I asked for reinforcements. Even the HQ had a hard time of believing it. Best: I was in a crappy Ha-Go and went ona venture towards Mountain Pass. I saw defgun being used, killed the user and saw the big Fletcher right next to me. I decided WTH? Let's do this! and fired a shot and BAM! Fletcher sunk. It felt great. Best: Intense action from time to time especially on Coal Mine. Funniest: Double teabag on @Sir_Kowskoskey after his failed attempt on Pr0z4c. Worst: Ha-Go. Where am I shooting?!!!?
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    Go here for the newest CMP minimod. You'll need to download the map for this Friday separately, when the topic is posted. You'll also need to sign up for the campaign to be able to follow my link.
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    Guys can someone help me pls,i dowland the cmp manualy,i put in to game but some maps are missing.but their folders are in game.
  12. HAH i saw that! you even tried to bag me while you knew you where going to get killed any second
  13. Best: - Challenging battle, finally allies winning something. Great Map. +75 numbers. Worst: - We didn't have +80 as other weeks. Crashes. Some bad behaviour from some spaniards Funniest: - battle itself was nice, nothing especially relevant. Maybe the rage from @Ensign_Steel even if the battle hadn't even started Most hated player: - no one Most loved/liked player: - everyone. BUt especially my little squad @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ @wanchekid @Anguita36 @Pichu1199 Other: keep joining people!
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    Best performer of all time! Still! GOAT!
  15. Best: -Nice, tough fights around the map almost all the time! -Near 80 players during the battle! Worst: -Crashes and disconnects. Funniest: -I guess they're mostly funny for me when I crash into the ground/water/trees Most hated player: - @Achtungsnow and his AA gun. Most loved/liked player: -
  16. Best: - Challenging battle, no bamboo everywhere, map overall Worst: - Unfortunate crashes, 5 min waiting before round start Funniest: - Stole a kill from someone who damaged enemy plane in flames, I did the killing strike with my rifle 😛 Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - That dude who saved me from certain death at the airfield, I cannot remember who it was anymore in our squad. Perhaps crapinabox or fiesel. Other: - They had the garand, but they also had the crappy springfield (its sight is trash) 💩
  17. Best: - It was a good battle. This time it was a challenge and a better balance Worst: - To defend lonely in a tunnel Funniest: - the whole battle was just a big fun Most hated player: - I love you all Most loved/liked player: - It is a satisfaction if you sometimes catch @Achtungsnow to get your revenge. Just because he catches and kills you so many times. Best Battle Photo - A steel will and also a consistent unorthodox possibility to take the Airfield with the Fletcher. https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - The map, I personally liked. What others criticize, I found good. The spaciousness. Lack of coverage increased the challenge.
  18. Best: - Winning rounds, only crashed when server crashed, high FPS. Good rounds Worst: - a bit of aiming problems, but no big deal Funniest: - Most hated player: - the 20 missing player slots Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Waiting for the train Other: -
  19. Best: No bamboos Worst: Springfield sights Funniest: Shooting down planes with M3A1 Most hated player: Enemy destroyer Most loved/liked player: Our destroyer Best Battle Photo - To be continued... Other: - No bamboos is gud, but could use more rocks.
  20. Best: Fighting a battle with better balanced teams. Far more fun than last week, which was just silly. Worst: Some players are so good at hitting distant pixels, first time, rapidly, that one has to wonder how they are doing it. I'm playing on 4K,28" screen, wearing very strong reading glasses and I spotted several players before they spotted me. Got on the spot aim on static target, but missed. Second later the target is able to hit me, first shot. Sorry but I have to wonder about this. Also imbalance between Japanese assault it and Allied assault kit - but we won so I'll let it slide. Funniest: -Ensign "Humle… For Fuck's sake why did you s-mine the exit to the tunnel?" Most hated player: Has to be Randoom for constantly suiciding on my s-mines like a noob and making my scores look terrible. Most loved/liked player: Randoom for being a good sport about it. Other: Agree with Al-Sahad that this map was too big for number of players. It was either really intense or really slow. And nothing in the middle.
  21. Best: The victory of allied makes the rest of campaign more intresting. Best/Worst: Shooting at very faaaaar pixels and killing-them / being-killed Worst1: The continous switching side + crashes related. I feel that we are playing less time and waiting more within each round. The fighting friday-night is now less exiting and challanging. Worst2: This map need more players - too wide even if two flags was removed. Long distances - and action mainly/only in the center. Other flags was boring. Funniest: extreme bagging Mr. K ! @ last round ( over the shed railing ) Most hated player: The tankers ( Actung and Pollo ) raping the central flag Most loved/liked player: Everyone Best Battle Photo -
  22. Best: Finally winning a battle. Successfully defending the airfield for the most part. Worst: Lots of deaths on my part due to poor situational awareness. Missed a lot of shots that I shouldn't have. Weird Springfield sights. Being at the mercy of Japanese air superiority at times. Funniest: Charging through Coalmine by myself, killing 2-3 unaware enemies by the AA-gun, killing 1 outside of the mine itself, gunning down 2 more on my way down, then killing another 2 with the Japanese LMG before finally being put down. My Rambo moment. Most hated player: Knee mortars. Most loved/liked player: Everyone was great. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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